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You should regularly update the firmware on your v2 to ensure you have all the latest features. This is how you do that using the connect app (which can be downloaded here)

Open the connect app from your system tray or run from programs menu

If you see the “No dock connected” please connect your dock.

Ensure your device has bluetooth turned on and then click “Forget Device”

Click “Connect new device”:

The default pin is “000000” – six zeroes, this is the same as the default bluetooth pin on original gamer.

You can only update the firmware of the v2 once it is bluetooth connected. This is because the connect software has to read the current firmware version via bluetooth.

Now click “Check for updates”

You can decide what you would like to update, in this guide we will update the v2 only by clicking “Start”

First the application will check to compare the firmware version on your device with the latest version available.

If a new version is available you will fnd information about your device and the release notes for the new version. Click “Install” to proceed with the firmware update.

This will now prepare your v2 for update.

The app will download a local copy of the firmware before starting the update.

The firmware update is transferred to the v2 via bluetooth low energy. Because of this it can be quite a slow process.

So please be patient as it transfers the file.

I normally get a cup of tea at this time. Remember, for a proper cuppa the milk always goes in last.

Once the transfer is completed the bootloader of the v2 takes over and finishes the firmware update process. You can confirm the firmware version by looking in your SETUP info menu on the device.