FOC.uS History

That we have made, has made us who we are



The worls first consumer tDCS headset was made to scratch an itch and start the brain stimulation craze.



When you are new to hardware and think the obvious thing to do in the second generation is to add every possible function – welcome to V2.


When you realise that supporting a massive amount of features in firmware, software and support is an absolute nightmare, take a clean piece of paper from your drawer and start clean again.

Introducing Go Flow.


You want us to prove that stimulation works on the brain? Ok we’ll develop an EEG so we can measure and show it. We’ll get back to you with a date….


Product refresh? Yes, please. More power? OK. More modes? Great idea. Fix all known errors in the process? Better do!

Introducing V3 and Go Flow 4.



It may already be November but it’s still 2019. 


Lesson 1

Don’t make last minute firmware changes on your production line. If you must, then the amount of testing will be inversely proportional to the amount of pain ahead.

Lesson 2

Stay on your production line from start to finish.  If a tree falls in the forrest with nobody to hear it, does it make a sound? I don’t know, but a production line you are not monitoring categorically does not make a sound (or a product).

Lesson 3

Outsource with extreme caution. Just because a company claims to be a logistics expert does not mean they have the first clue about logistics or a second regard for your needs.

Lesson 4

Customers do not like being ignored because there are no stupid questions. If you are so smart you should have explained it better in the first place.

Lesson 5

If you are an online retailer you should pay close attention to your online store. If something is not explained on your website it does not exist.

Michael Oxley

Rajesh Pampapathi

Eugene Sinkevich