Brain Stimulation Safety

Please read this to understand your safety responsibilities.
tDCS is not a toy and is not intended to be used by anyone under the age of 18 years old.
If using your own electrodes it is not recommended to create novel placements.
Do not position the electrodes so that the current may pass through the brainstem.
Do not position the electrodes over cuts, grazes or damaged skin.
Do not touch the metal electrodes as this can lead to burns.
Allow at least 24 hours between usage. Always use the electrodes with wet sponges.
If you suffer from epilepsy, seisures, brain lessions, bipolar depression or severe heart
disease you should not use a headset.
Never use while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


  • Have had a seizure
  • Epilepsy or history of epilepsy
  • On prescriptive medication
  • History of migraines
  • Any metallic implants
  • Adverse affects to any brain stimulation
  • Physchological or neurological disorder
  • Head injuries requiring scans
  • Scalp or skin conditions

If you experience any short term negative effects you should immediately stop usage.