Brain stimulation is used by different people for different purposes. Learn about different stimulation modes and how they can benefit you.
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Smart people use products to stimulate their brains.

Focus are absoluetly masterful pioneers of consumer grade tdcs devices that are very popular and very easy to use.
Jeff Martin
Dr Jeffrey Martin
Transformative Tech Conference
I’m in shock that anyone would bad mouth this company, they are SO advanced and make such beautiful and useful devices.
Dr Rustin Berlow
Psychiatry & Brain Stimulation
Neuroscience News

The Roles of Caffeine and tACS

ABSTRACT The modulatory effects of non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) are highly variable between subjects. This variability may be due to uncontrolled caffeine consumption and circadian

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Neuroscience News

tACS on pain empathy depends

ABSTRACT BACKGROUND: Pain empathy enables a person to experience and understand other’s pain state by observing others in pain condition. Such prosocial ability is deficient

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Neuroscience News

The effects of tRNS on attention networks

ABSTRACT Attention is a complex cognitive process that selects specific stimuli for further processing. Previous research suggested the existence of three attentional networks: alerting, orienting

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Deconvolution of hemodynamic responses

ABSTRACT In functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), deconvolution analysis of oxy and deoxy-hemoglobin concentration changes allows estimating specific hemodynamic response functions (HRF) elicited by neuronal

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