4mA tDCS

Go Flow 4
also includes
sotDCS Power Nap

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Go Flow 4

Go Flow 4

The small and astonishingly powerful tDCS stimulator. 4mA of super accurate tDCS with dual current regulation and microprocessor control.
Also includes so-tDCS mode for sleep spindle stimulation.

Go Flow 4

Foc.us V3

Foc.us V3

Entrain with α-tACS. Increase peak alpha with tRCS or Shake it up with tRNS.
The foc.us V3 is a multi-function CE certified tES stimulator for your professional needs.

Focus V3

Focus EEG Dev Kit

Focus EEG Dev Kit

The future of brain stimulation is a closed-loop bi-directional brain to computer interface. That future starts today with the foc.us EEG Dev Kit.
8 channel EEG with EDF+ combined with our industry leading stimulation circuitry.

Focus EEG Dev Kit


tDCS is the most basic form of electrical brain stimulation. A fixed current for a fixed duration through a region of the brain.


slow oscillating tDCS adds a rise and fall to the current at 0.75Hz. See the Go Flow 4 image above which shows so-tDCS in action.


Alternating Current is distinct from tDCS because the current changes direction. So the anode becomes the cathode and vice versa.


Rippled Current stimulation, also termed α-tACS uses frequencies in the alpha wave band to entrain your brain waves.


Random Noise stimulation. Stimulating the brain with a random current and a random frequency.


Pulsed Current


EEG measures the electrical activity of the brain.


fNIRS is a technology to measure blood usage in the brain.


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What people say about focus:

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a fan of foc.us. The small London based DIY company has been on a serious innovation binge since they entered the market with the foc.us V1 - which was by far the most versatile tDCS* device in its time. Later foc.us released the V2 which is still one of the most capable brain stimulation devices on the market (not just tDCS.) Late last year, foc.us introduced the Go Flow - a simple, very portable, tDCS device for a very low price. It has evolved into a complete kit that the company is calling the Go Flow Pro - it includes all you need to have a very capable tDCS device that is simple to operate - and only $99 complete. Dr Brent Williams

The Foc.us device, which was released in the summer of 2013, was arguably the first true direct-to-consumer tDCS device. With its sleek, ready-to-wear headset design, it looked more like Google Glass than a cobbled-together DIY device. Anna Wexler

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