Brain Hacking with tDCS

Did you know that people are deliberately electrocuting their brain for gain?

It’s true, using a technology known as tDCS and products made by Keep reading to learn more about the science and the benefits of this crazy sounding idea.

Consumer Neurotech Done Right

In 2012 released the world’s first consumer tDCS stimulator and have been innovating in brain tech ever since.

Remote Control

Most products are wirelessly controlled.

Athletic Performance

Increase your endurance with tDCS. Studies have shown that stimulating the motor cortex can result in improved athletic performance.

Forums Forums are a great place to learn about how to get the most from your brain.

Charge Your Brain

Your brain is an electric organ already. Take it to the next level and turbo charge that electrical activity

Advanced Waveforms

The V3 includes several waveform stimulation modes including tDCS, tACS, tPCS, tRCS and tRNS.

Timed Stimulation

Don't use a brain stimulator that does not include a timer to end a session. All products include this and many other safety features.

Shop the store for the full range of brain stimulators and neurotech products.


Smart people use products to stimulate their brains.

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take charge™

Brain stimulation is used by different people for different purposes. Learn about different stimulation modes and how they can benefit you

Epileptic seizure classifications

Link – Epileptic seizure classifications using empirical mode decomposition and its derivative. Biomed Eng Online. 2020 Feb 14;19(1):10 Authors: Karabiber Cura O, Kocaaslan Atli S,

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