Go Flow

4 mA Brain Stimulation


can we go fatser

Cars Not Safe without Man & Flag!

Can you imagine if driving a car still required someone walking in front waving a flag for safety?

New technology can be scary.

An abundance of caution is wise.

But experience is wiser.

Time’s change.

When Michael Nitsche conducted the first tDCS experiements in 1999 he started at less than 1mA.

When foc.us launched the world’s first consumer tDCS headset in 2012 it was limited to 2mA

Today is 2020 and there is evidence that more stimulation is more effective.

Foc.us Empowers – It’s Your Choice!

How about 8mA?

If we can go from 2mA to 4mA, why not 6mA or 8mA?

We tried this – it really hurts.

Whereas 4mA feels the same as 2mA, beyond that level everyone who tested it felt discomfort.

4mA is max-tDCS

A thing about 4mA – you can turn it down to 2mA!

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