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Happy New Year

Wow, another year gone! In 2018 we shipped V3, Go Flow 4, Android & iOS apps and a new web platform. Our fNIRS sensor slipped into 2019 but when you see the new specifications on it you’ll understand why. CES starts in a week and 2019 is shaping up to be out of this world. […]

December 12th Update

It has been another busy month at towers. So busy we totally missed black Friday which apparently is important for retailers. Oops. Much of the busy relates to CES starting January 9th. On that date we will be demoing fNIRS sensors. For those following along we’ve upgraded the specifications from 4 to 16 channels! […]

Site Migration May Cause Bugs

We are migrating the website (again) this weekend so apologize for any errors you may experience. Come back on Monday when hopefully everything will be fixed.

3rd eye activation using electrical brain stimulation

Pineal gland stimulation was added to V3 in response to requests from v2 users for specific stimulation frequencies. tACS in V2 could only reach ~400Hz and the request was for 936Hz so we had to make some tweaks. But it seemed interesting so we did it. You need to place the electrodes to try and […]

focus Go Flow 4 sotDCS Active Current Display

Focus Go Flow 4 includes a sotDCS mode. To turn on Go Flow in sotDCS mode – press the red button twice – short, then long. You will see a red rainbow effect to confirm sotDCCS mode. Set your current level & 2) set your duration – the same as tDCS mode. But now, instead […]

Funny Saturday Spam

This made me laugh so I thought I would share it You know you’ve made it when you receive no-salary $20k cost job offers at a top 15 promising wearable startup.

tDCS Clinical Trials

I’ve been noticing a growing number of announcements of clinical trials investigating the efficacy of transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). Eventually, they were getting hard to ignore. So I got to wondering whether this was just me or whether there was genuinely an identifiable increase. A lot of the trials are announced on, so […]

2018 World Cup Special Offer

To celebrate England reaching the knock-out stages of the 2018 World Cup we are offering 25% off the EEG Only Dev Kit. The EEG Dev Kit is an 8 channel low-noise 24 bit analog biopotential amplifier featuring WiFi and 8GB of onboard EDF+ storage. With dry active electrodes it’s easy to setup and use […]