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foc.us V2 tDCS Stimulator

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A Professional Grade Electrical Brain Stimulator Featuring tACS, tRNS, tPCS and tDCS.
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24 reviews for foc.us V2 tDCS Stimulator

  1. mH

    You really don’t want my revie

    You customer service is nonexistent, your software doesn’t work, your website looks and functions like it was designed by a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum. Of all of the companies I’ve ever done business with, you rand dead last on who I’d ever recommend!

  2. JStaf


    Using the Foc.us was a learning experience, first was learning to set up the unit, secondly ws learning how to recognize what changes it made in my ability to comprehend and retain information.

  3. Zvi

    Technologically Impressive

    Treating a TBI case, Consulting neurology specialists.
    Currently using separate electrodes (Emrex).
    Still evaluating …

  4. Labratoullie

    Oh heck yeah

    I happened upon this by accident. Was reading a news article about tdcs devices, and it mentioned how Foc.us had a head start in getting it to consumers for a fair price. I’m all about experiments, so of course I had to have one. My partner uses it for gaming and it actually does improve his reaction speeds and overall gaming. I use it for morning wake up…it is better than 6 cups of coffee for me, I would know being an addict, and the jolt it gives me is fabulous! My brain processing speed is faster and multitasking is a breeze. For the entire day I’m focused and alert, can’t really explain it but I LOVE THIS THING!!

  5. Kyle Jackson

    Awesome tDCS device!

    The Foc.us V2 Developer Edition unit is the smallest and most feature-full unit I’ve seen. While my main interest is in tDCS, I’m excited to have access to all the cutting edge neuro-electric stimulation methodologies at my disposal.
    While most commercially available units either look as though they were put together in a garage, or cost many hundreds of dollars (sometimes both), the V2 looks and feels like quality gear, and at a great price. The unit is tiny but incredibly powerful. The interface is easy to navigate and the sessions are simple to customize. The Android app is simple to use and works well.
    The Foc.us team has done a great job with this unit, and I freely recommend it to any fellow head-hacker.

  6. dave


    works than advertised much better

  7. Mike


    Does what it says it does. Getting up to a half-dozen session on a charge. Very flexible. Once you figure out that which electrode is anode is set in the program, you are in business. Combined with the MOOV electrode set, allows you to try many montages.

  8. Laura

    Focused on Foc.us

    I have the original headset version and just bought the mooves version and this is a great quality product and does increase the intensity of your focus and productivity. I love the original headset, it’s taking some time to get used to the mooves sticky pads, but I’m sure I’ll adjust. I really love the product and will continue to use them regularly.


  9. Mr_T42

    So far so good

    Have only done a few objective tests and no sham studies but seem to gain an ~ 10% increase on working memory (dual 2 n backgames ) when using Left DLPFC anodal stimulation (cathode over inion). Using v2 with edge headset. Would love to try the Mooves.

    Easy to drive menu system on the stimulator unit itself. Battery gives three good 10 minute stims before it need charging (don’t know if this normal or not).

    Support and info on the unit from foc.us themselves have, in my experience, been hard to access.

    The cables on the edge electrode set look tiny and a bit…brittle. that being said in the ~10 times i’ve used it so far they’ve been fine.

  10. 90stm

    Somewhat Better Than First Model

    I prefer the first models electrodes over the moovs pads; which are extremely difficult to keep on. Not sure why we removed the snap on pads for magnetic.
    Also, the wires are extremely fragile and though I understand you were going for lightweight; we have to remember the actual end pieces are quite heavy compared too and need some sort of support.
    Wish the moovs X & Y were on different wires; as well.

    Regarding the developer edition, i like that it is versatile. After just recently purchasing the moovs; I am not sure how long it will survive before it is damaged. However, at least I can salvage the developer edition to create another pair.

    As mentioned from mH, customer service is nonexistent… I can understand the amount of emails that come through, but can’t understand not receiving any reply or response at all, ever 🙁

    At least I still have the first generation to fall back on..
    Having faith Michael and his team will pick up the pieces and make things right sooner than later.

  11. evermore

    as ces ?

    Does it have CES function at programmable frequency as well ?

  12. GojoRed59

    Excellent Innovative, valid tool for the researcher AND the Informed biotech enthusiast.

    I have followed the Foc.us project since Michael Oxley stepped up in response to a group of college students who wanted to put a reliable, affordable and simple tDCS device made for help in focus for study in the hands of fellow students and bio-hack enthusiasts everywhere. Although the first Foc.us device was marketed toward the gaming crowd, knowing its beginnings, I took that marketing “tongue-in-cheek” because I understood where this project came from and also by constant analyses the design progress while I was doing research in applying various tDCS treatment protocols for enhancement of cognitive abilities that were affected by certain neuro-degenerative diseases or were beset by various types of neuro-physiological and or psychological disfunctions. I noted that when different groups started to make known simple designs of rudimentary tDCS DIYS projects, some of the more professional and or Academic researchers were alarmed and favored limiting or even forbidding the use of tDCS by the public-at-large until most research had concluded concerning tDCS and its many iterations since. While I commend caution and Always stress to those interested to complete due diligence before self-experimenting with tDCS (I really emphasize at least a year of study focused on all aspects including safety, standardized protocols, proper and validated measures -including a full understanding of montage placement using the 10-20 EEG mapping method, and full technical knowledge of the device used as well as re-visiting the latest Meta-analysis and systematic reviews In detail.

    All the geek-speak aside, the Foc.us V2 (firmware ver. 2.1) is in my humble opinion, the best, most affordable, most method-flexible research tool available for the professional, the academic, and the INFORMED hobbyist available. The safety standards are non compromising, the innovation in the design to be able to include the latest types of tDCS, tACS, tNCS, *tPCS protocols and future with minor physical upgrades, (the modular approach in this aspect is very effective), and the responsive awareness of the design team is awesome!
    —To those of us not familiar with the process of riding the edge of innovation, it takes a great deal of patience and understanding for both the company and the customer to ride through the innovation process. If you know this, and all sides of communication are kept open, the rewards to all are outstanding. other than in a professional researcher venue, I do not have ANY interest financial or otherwise in the Foc.us company or any of its crew. I have no need to nor was I rewarded, coerced, or otherwise benefited from Foc.us for this review. And although I am not an academic post-graduate, and or professionally allied in the neuropathology related healthcare field yet, I consider myself well informed in matters of tDCS having acquired an extensive library of research in my 2year, 8 month span of focused research into tDCS as well as other biotechnology related courses academically, with focus on experimental design analysis and phytonutritional research regarding brain health.
    I highly encourage the Academic and Health Professional community to examine the Foc.us V2 device for its utilization in research on the subject and latest iterations of tDCS!

  13. GojoRed59

    Personal and qualitative review of the Foc.us V2 (firmware version 2.1)

    Having to change careers at the tender age of 56, I went to college for the first time in my life with no previous experience especially for studying various science and math disciplines, and professional Academic standards writing. During a short chaotic period of time, I discovered an anomaly that revisited childhood troubles I had no clear answer too nor did my parents lol. I had attentive type ADHD. I now experience that as an adult replete with test anxiety and all the other symptoms of ADHD along with the usual new-to-college experiences most young people have.
    Because of my major (biotechnology Applied) and my avid interest in nutrition and health and because Alzheimers runs in my family, I wanted to find a way to improve my lagging ability to focus on difficult subjects for long periods of time, and remember what I had learned in a meaningful functional way. I happened across an article in a neuroscience journal that discussed transcranial direct current stimulation as means of accelerated learning in visual-motor and working memory intensive situations and I was immediately riveted to the idea. As I spent the better part of a year researching it and attending my other studies I eventually acquired and tested three different tDCS devices. One was recalled due to use of non-regulated electronic components and the second one was extremely limited in its adjustability in every way. I then read about the original Foc.us tDCS gamer device and bought one. I tested it and found that I needed to learn more about electrode placement (montages), and had mixed results. I kept researching and even incorporated an experiment using the Foc.us device in an academic research setting for one of my internship classes. I had to delay the experiment due to lack of technological specifications I anticipated would be required by the collegiate review committee, and I’m glad I did. The Foc.us V2 came out and I acquired one after reading the specs. I tried it myself and was rewarded with outstanding results for enduring focus the first time I used it. I since refined protocols based on the reviews of the latest research and am able cut way back on ADHD medication while still improving my focus and recall. (Anecdotally speaking of course). And yes, I tried it while gaming, and found myself effortlessly trouncing my competition in ways that would not have been possible nor was observed before lol. In my case I found the Foc.us V2 device to be very effective and as far as I’m concerned, awesome toward helping me toward a drug free approach to managing the troubling aspects of ADHD while taking great advantage of the great abilities granted ADDers and ADHDers like thinking outside the box and hyper Focus! I must caution others, I did not do this on my own nor should you. My personal health care providers involved in general health as well as ADHD were involved and informed and advised me concerning it. I am not advocating going off doctors advice and trying this or any other experimental regimen on their own! I happened to have healthcare providers that either knew of tDCS or researched it, and I waited for their input before trying it.
    That said, I am anecdotally but very happily convinced that the Foc.us v2 device works effectively for me in my personal, professional working field, and academically for focus, memory, recall and yes, test taking.
    That said, I must emphasize that even though the researched. side effects of PROPERLY utilized tDCS are few and relatively benign, one MUST thoroughly research all aspects of it including the theoretical mechanisms involved BEFORE using it. That way you maximize your potential for success in your targeted use of tDCS and the best use of the best tDCS device I have found…. The Foc.us v2. As a side, I recommend the moov electrode set, it’s great for achieving flexible montages in accurate locations!

  14. M

    Working well so far

    When I first received my v2, I updated the firmware – after which, it would no longer turn on.

    I left the unit plugged into its cradle and my PC for a few days. Unplugged it and waited a few more days. Finally, I re-plugged it in and waited a few more days – this was going to be my last try before sending it back, but this time it turned on.

    After that initial trouble, the device has turned off and on without issue for weeks. It also accepts all updates with no problem.


    As for actual use, I love the small size and concise control and screen. It is very efficient. The device also seems very powerful for its size and the battery does not run out quickly.


    Overall, my v2 has been working very well, thank you!

  15. m


    1.Battery too low / 3 times use 0% ! / Charging time : 2H !
    2.Downloads Site /Not firmware to download / Download link broken / pdf & driver
    3.software mobile – problems /The definition of the various programs by the user (name & ….)

  16. Dave B

    Great customer Service!

    I have utilized the v2 now for almost a year. Recently, after experiencing a problem with my v2, I contacted the company to seek technical help with the issue. I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt and courteous assistance provided by Michael. He more than met my expectations and thoroughly resolved the issue going well above and beyond what I expected. I completely recommend the product as well as the company. Foc.us is a very dedicated group of folks who certainly care about their customers. Well done.

  17. Rusty (verified owner)

    These People are THE BEST

    1) The products are far superior to anything else
    features, options, interchangability, easy interface
    2) the service is the best i have ever seen
    they respond to emails, fix problems right away
    and it has gotten to the point where, I am so satisfied
    with this company, I will actually buy whatever they come out with next
    because I respect them, I trust them and have never been disappointed

  18. Ike


    This product has a lot of features and so is quite complicated

  19. John

    Incredible device

    menus are easy to use and the interface makes it easy to understand whats happening.

  20. Linda

    add a headset

    This is a great product that really helped me. Make sure you order some electrodes to go with it though as its not out of the box ready to use.
    I was not paid to leave this review.

  21. bill


    Very good product

    Much amazing

  22. Gene Yanenko

    Best Brain Stimulator on the maket

    I got the developer unit for early adopters for $200. Even at $299 it’s worth every penny if you’re serious about using a brain stimulatetor. It has many different modes and completely configurable to your preferred settings. The company backs up their devices with firmware updates to bring new and improved functionality to the unit. The OLED screen is pretty large for a device this size, it’s very bright and legible under most lighting. The Joystick button is very easy to use to and convenient to go through the many options, modes and settings this unit offers. The screen shows you all the relevant information during the session showing the amperage and voltage as well as showing a graph of the current session. It adapts well if an electrode is not in full contact with the skin by adjusting the power level accordingly. Anther great feature is you can use it as a stand alone unit or you can connect it to your phone through Bluetooth and lets you control all the settings wirelessly though the free app. I have not seen a unit comparable to the features of this unit in it’s class costing much less than a comparable professional units costing thousands. If something happened to my unit I would definitely buy another one and would recommend it to friends interested in this technology.

  23. Fred

    Love it until it would not turn on

    This device helps my mom. She suffered a stroke and this helped her when nothing else worked. Doctors had told her she would be unable to use her left leg or arm. Today she can use both thanks to the focus v2. However, it will not turn on after a charge. I have sent repeated emails over the last three weeks. To get help because my mother was seeing great benefit from using the device in trns setting. I only hope that we can get another one
    that will last more than a couple months.

  24. Ed (verified owner)

    Little or No Electrode Holder Options of Correspondence

    I received the V2 along with extra sponges,, the cable set, and the EEG Head Cap in July ’17. I have been using brain stimulation devices since the late 80s, when the Mega-Brain Book was in its first printing. And I must say the V2 is a nice device with some great features. I have no complaints about that.

    BUT……. I do not care for the difficulty in using the electrode attachment and placement set ups. I always found the simpler the better. So I have tried time and time again to order the Gamer Headset adapter or the GO Flow Ball cap. But the web site will not function properly to do that online.

    I have written more than 3 or 4 emails questioning the ability to purchase other Electrode holder options, but cannot even get a reply. This is starting to be frustrating. I now assume those items may not be available, but the manufacturer will not make that information public.

    I have been using a cloth stretch headband to make it easier for electrode placement, as the EEG styled cap is a lot of trouble just for a 20 to 30 minute personal session. I am now assuming, I may have to construct such electrode placement devices on my own, And that does frustrate me.

    I had assumed with all the internet hype and even news broadcast reports, the company would have been easier to deal with. But possibly not. Companies representing the Fisher-Wallace or Alpha Stim devices certainly are. I had hoped this one was not an amateur, run out of the basement with little or no inventory, company.

    Pretty much at the end of my rope looking for Electrode placement optional devices. Especially since emails aren’t even answered any longer.

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