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Modular Brain Monitoring:


When Cognitive Function is Mission Critical Smart Brains Trust ARORA

Mission Critical EEG

Boldy Go with EEG

Designed to track Astronauts brain function.

There’s a really long story explaining 2019 but nobody wrote it down yet.

Soft, washable and great contact and signal.

Dual layer cap with Active Shielded outter layer and soft nylon inner.


Working to high standards is a challenge. But the results speak for themselves.

The ARORA project has been an absolute blast. I am so proud of everyone involved and the products we have created.

CEO, Foc.us

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FOC.US ARORA Launched!

Learn a little more about foc.us ARORA. What is it, what can it do and when can I try it? Answers to some of these questions and more….

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