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Power Naps with so-tDCS

Sleep plays an important role in the consolidation of memories. Lack of slow-wave activity has been tied to insomnia.

Can augmenting slow-wave power through so-tDCS create a power nap that boosts memory consolidation and wellness?

Enhancing memory consolidation with slow oscillating transcranial direct current stimulation (so-tDCS) power naps.

The ability to sustain attention

The program settings used in this study are shown below.

Montages Session Settings

so-tDCS Settings

0 mA
1 mins

Dual X anodes: F3 & F4
Y cathodes: opposite shoulders

0.75Hz Oscilation

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The so-tDCS sleep stuff is new, experimental and gets a B.S. Score of:

Power Nap with so-tDCS B.S. Score: 62%

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Notes: so-tDCS Power Nap Montage

Brain stimulation during an afternoon nap boosts slow oscillatory activity and memory consolidation in older adults. (link)

Slow oscillating transcranial direct current stimulation during non-rapid eye movement sleep improves behavioral inhibition in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (link)

Slow oscillating transcranial direct current stimulation during sleep has a sleep‐stabilizing effect in chronic insomnia: a pilot study (link)

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