What you need to know about Brainwaves to understand Brain Stimulation

Neurons Fire

Brainwaves are generated from the electrical activity of communicating neurons.

Networks of neurons firing together create specific “sounding” brainwaves.

(Learn about Neurons)

Brainwaves Occur

The “sound” of the brainwave and its “volume” are informative.

Because Brainwaves change according to what you are doing or thinking. 

Brainwave Groups

So by listening to all these Brainwaves we can try to understand which parts of your brain are active, and what they are doing.

Tone & Volume

The sound of brainwaves start down low with slow beats; rising all the way up to high pitched whistling.

Volume let’s us determine which areas are making more of a particular noise.

Brianwave Fiction

Brianwave Facts

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