Why Brain Stimulation?

Brain stimulation makes your brain function differently.

tDCS is the most studied mode of brain stimulation.

Stimulation is a relatively new field that is still being explored.


There is a mixture of excitement and caution:

The scientific reasoning for these claims is straightforward.

Your every thought and action is controlled by your brain.

The brain works by passing electrical messages between networks of neurons.

Adding some extra electricity could enhance that process.

Choose A Brain Area to Stimulate

Over the decades, neuroscience research has established a good map of brain functions.

We know what is controlled by where.

For example your right hand is controlled by a region on the left side of your head above your left ear.


If you wanted to improve your hand control skills, this is the area you would stimulate.

In a 2013 study published in BMC Neuroscience Scientists did exactly that. 

Using tDCS over this region of the brain they looked at piano keystrokes in healthy adults. They found that the stimulation did improve a subset of the participants.

If Brain Stimulation Can Improve Your Hand Control Maybe It Can Improve Your Control Of Everything? #tDCS

All over the world Scientists are now trying to find applications for Brain Stimulation. 

Foc.us make products for people who want to try.

Technology To Try

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