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This article will explain how to get your EEG Dev Kit (DK) connected to your home or office WiFi.

1. Connect the power supply to turn on the EEG Dev Kit

2. The EEG Dev Kit will try to connect to any saved WiFi profiles for 30 seconds

3. If it cannot connect or does not have any profiles, it will enter WPS mode for the next 30 seconds. If your router has WPS press the WPS button

4. If WPS is not initiated the EEG Dev Kit will create its own hotspot. The WiFI broadcast SID will be EEG-DK-XXXX where XXXX matches the serial number.

5. Using your mobile phone (or laptop), connect to the EEG-DK hotspot and then visit  

6. Supply your DK with your WiFi SSID and password. Hit Save and then Submit. The device will now return to step 2.

Your EEG DK should now connect to your WiFi.