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Go Flow uses a single gauge to set and measure both CURRENT and DURATION.

CURRENT: Orange lights

DURATION: Green lights

There are seven lights

Setting desired CURRENT level in mA

1 Orange Light0.5 mA
2 Orange Lights0.75 mA
3 Orange Lights1.0 mA
4 Orange Lights1.25 mA
5 Orange Lights1.5 mA
6 Orange Lights1.75 mA
7 Orange LIghts2.0 mA

Setting desired DURATION in minutes

1 Green Light5 minutes
2 Green Light10 minutes
3 Green Light15 minutes
4 Green Light20 minutes
5 Green Light25 minutes
6 Green Light30 minutes
7 Green Light35 minutes

During an active session the gauge will switch between displaying the CURRENT and remaining DURATION.

ORANGE = current

GREEN = duration