Why tACS?

Learn about transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation

What is tACS?

tACS sinewave

tACS is a fancier type of brain stimulation.

With tACS, the electrical current increases and decreases like a wave function. Compare this to tDCS which has a contsant current level.

tACS researchers use specific frequencies of tACS stimulation to influence known brainwaves e.g. Alpha waves, Gamma waves

0.5 - 3 Hz
Delta Waves

Delta waves are very slow. Most typically seem during sleep.


4 - 8 Hz
Theta Waves

Theta waves occur during early sleep stages.


8 - 12 Hz
Alpha Waves


12 - 30 Hz
Beta Waves


30+ Hz
Gamma Waves

New interest in studying higher Gamma Wave activity.


Below Delta is the Infra-Low range at 0 – 0.5Hz, also known as Slow-Cortical Potentials. 

tACS Studies by Frequency

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