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Sleep Is Essential

Sleep is essential for good physical and mental health.

Getting plentiful deep and restful sleep can be difficult.

How can electrical brain stimulation help us sleep?

Power Nap with sotDCS
Memories are consolidated during sleep

Memory Consolidation

It is understood that sleep plays an important part in our brains ability to form long-term memories. 

Brain stimulation studies have suggested that the brain can be readied for this memory consolidation process.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreamers believe they can control their dreams and live out any fantasiy while asleep. 

The subject is controversial and the scientific literature minimal. But 

Lucid Dream with
Reboot Your Brain During Sleep

Reboot & Refresh

Recent studies have shown that there are processes performed by the brain to refresh itself. Slow-wave electrical activity and increases in blood flow are thought to “wash” toxins away.

These processes are important but only occur when you are asleep.

Even though we spend a third of our life asleep the exact purpose and nature of sleep is not fully understood. It remains an exciting frontier for neuroscience research. 

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