The most powerful focus tDCS Stimulator. Ever.
Twice the power of other tDCS devices.
Push it from 1mA all the way up to 4mA!

Be First, Be Fast, Be Four!

NOW Up to 4 milliamp

At foc.us we always push the envelope.

From our very first tDCS stimulator back in 2013 to this, our latest and greatest, we push what is possible.

In those 5 years tDCS has come a long way. Thousands of papers. Tens of thousands of sales. Hundreds of thousands of sessions.

Today it’s time to take it to 4mA

Get ready to

Take (MORE) charge

Go FLow device

Go Flow 4 includes everything required to start your tDCS stimulation. Starting with the new Go Flow device and battery.

amx-y electrodes

And a pair of amx-y electrodes which use conductive silicone inserts and magnetic connectors for safe, reliable stimulation.


Includes a foc.us branded headband with 10 pre-cut holes for holding amx-y electrodes in many popular montage positions.


Sponges are the softest and safest way to stimulate so a pair are there. Also included is a convenient small water bottle.


4mA is for experienced tDCS-ers who know what they are doing – it’s not for everyone!

If you are new to tDCS you should start at 1mA and work your way up according to comfort and results.

That’s why Go Flow4 lets you set from as low as 1mA all the way up to 4mA

Because It's possible

Take your tDCS to the next level.

Pre-order Go Flow 4 today to be the first to try 4mA.

Orders will ship in September 2018 because manufacturing is already iunderway.