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      I would like to recreate this study

      Can you confirm the settings I should use, please?

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      Hi, let’s take a look and see:

      Double-blind, randomized pilot clinical trial targeting alpha oscillations with transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD)

      The first thing to note is that you can only approximate this study with a single V3. The study uses two independent stimulation channels. With a v3 and the dual x/y cable you can do dual shared earth channels. This is slightly different but ok to try.

      f3/f3 - Cz

      With the dual X/y cable you would put one X on F3, sexond X on F4, first Y on Cz and then put some tape on second Y so that it is safely insulated as not required here.

      The program settings for the V3 are as follows:

      • Program: Wave
      • Mode: tACS
      • Placebo: OFF
      • Max voltage: 35V
      • Bipolar: ON
      • Current: 2mA
      • Duration: 40mins
      • Polarity: T/R
      • Offset: 0mA
      • Frequency: 10Hz

      If you wanted to be cautious you could reduce the current value to 1mA to ensure the max in either side never went above 1mA. Or you could use two V3 and put both Y electrodes on Cz.

      Please let us know how it goes.

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