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      Team, we have a v3 and v2 devices. We had purchased them last year. The v2 device we had not been used till the last few weeks. We have been using it both from the device and from the BLE API.

      After around 5 weeks or so of use, the device is not coming up or charging. It does not when we plug it into the charging dock OR use the bluetooth charging cable from the V3 plugged into a 5V adapter Or into a computer. The screen does not come up at all.

      It actually was showing around 58% battery level when it suddenly went blank. After that the screen does not come on. Is there a way to check if it is a battery to be replaced OR any other trouble shooting?

      I have downloaded the Focus+connect app which recognized the dock, but does not recognize the Focus v2.

      Any help appreciated.

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