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Let’s take a look:

Case Report: Successful Treatment of Therapy-Resistant OCD With Application of Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS)

This requires a dual x/y cable and a single V3 brain stimulator.

The X electrodes should be placed on Fp1 and Fp2 with the Y ends on T3 and T4.
(You can use this 3d placement model to help guide the locations)

  • Program: Wave
  • Mode: tACS
  • Placebo: Off
  • Max voltage: 30V
  • Bipolar: ON
  • Current: 0.65
  • Duration: 20mins
  • Polarity: T/R
  • Offset: 0mA
  • Frequency: 40Hz

The study repeated this three times per week.

Let us know how it goes?

P.S. If you have already configured Wave program for other study protocols, you could use Pulse program to hold these settings. Program name is just a label.