40 Channel EEG is Possible with foc.us EEG Dev Kit

Each focus EEG Dev Kit has up to 8 EEG channels, but did you know you can combine multiple devices for higher channel counts? By connecting devices with our daisy-chain connectors, the clocks are synced and a reference electrode sshared. With two devices that’s 16 channels. With five that’s 40! Pictured are first samples of the dry active […]

Adding fNIRS support to EEG Dev Kit

It’s no secret that we love developing stuff here at focus. We started 2016 with Go Flow and ended 2016 with EEG Dev Kit. But there was a third “middle-child” product too. Tentatively named “BrainCAM” it was a wireless fNIRS device. Around October we had to pay for our CES booth and decide which product to take. In […]

12th January 2017 – Stock & Shipping Update

There is a slight CES hangover at foc.us towers. An inbound stock delivery is AWOL and that has affected outbound shipments from around 1st January. We are working to address the issues and hope to have order restored from Monday 16th January. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Foc.us Launches tDCS Performance Enhancement for Pro and Amateur Athletes

foc.us, the market leader in consumer transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) technologies, launches its newest device, the Go Flow Sports edition, for pro and amateur athletes looking to increase their sporting ability with brain stimulation. Recent coverage [1,2] of the use of tDCS by professional athletes at the Rio Olympics has prompted an unprecedented growth in demand […]