December 12th Update

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December is always busy at towers as we prepare for CES in January.

It has been another busy month at towers. So busy we totally missed black Friday which apparently is important for retailers. Oops.

Much of the busy relates to CES starting January 9th. On that date we will be demoing fNIRS sensors. For those following along we’ve upgraded the specifications from 4 to 16 channels!

This means 4 emitters and 8 receivers and so much data. We’re also pushing to implement this over Lab-Streaming Layer. This will allow easy integration with so many existing applications and other devices. It’s so nice. Full details will be revealed on January 9th and shipments will begin soon after.

You may have also noticed changes to the website. This was a long 0verdue change to get onto a more flexible platform. It hasn’t been smooth and we’re still ironing out kinks but if you see any bugs, please tell us.  But the hope is that this platform makes it easier for us to provide information on the different modes and montages that has been lacking in the past.

Finally, there is one new exciting project that I cannot talk about. 2019 is going to rock.

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