focus Go Flow 4 sotDCS Active Current Display

Focus Go Flow 4 includes a sotDCS mode. To turn on Go Flow in sotDCS mode – press the red button twice – short, then long. You will see a red rainbow effect to confirm sotDCCS mode. Set your current level & 2) set your duration – the same as tDCS mode. But now, instead […]

June 9th Update

A quick update on the latest developments at focus towers: is coming to iPhones and iPads pending app store approval. fNIRS sensor update coming soon – see picture below for teaser Remaining Go Flow and V2 stock almost gone – last chance for both  

Achieve Sporting Prowess with Brain Stimulation

Sporting excellence is achieved through years of dedicated practice. Whether you’re trying to increase the curve on your free kicks or perfect your golfing swing, you will spend hours repeating the actions over and over again until you can execute them with the precision you need. But we all know that it’s not just your […]

Focus Turns 4!

On this day four years ago we shipped the first commercial tDCS brain stimulator – the Gamer. Three years ago we added every bell and whistle to bring you the v2. Last year we went back to basics with pure tDCS for the easy to use Go Flow stimulator. Next week we turn a new page. We will […] Launches tDCS Performance Enhancement for Pro and Amateur Athletes, the market leader in consumer transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) technologies, launches its newest device, the Go Flow Sports edition, for pro and amateur athletes looking to increase their sporting ability with brain stimulation. Recent coverage [1,2] of the use of tDCS by professional athletes at the Rio Olympics has prompted an unprecedented growth in demand […]