The effects of Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) at Individual Alpha Peak Frequency (iAPF) on motor cortex excitability of young and elderly adults

Interesting new paper about tACS and peak alpha :   Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) was shown to modulate brain oscillation, cortical excitability and behaviour. This technique allows for the direct perturbation of brain oscillation such as the EEG alpha wave (8–12 Hz). In aging, there is correlation between the decrease in alpha activity and […]

V3 in stock & back-orders shipped are pleased to confirm that all V3 backorders were shipped on Monday and that the V3 is now in stock for delivery. There were about 10 suppliers involved with this project and a couple were new to us. New supplier relationships can take a little time on both sides to establish some trust and […]

EEG Primer – Part 4

EEG EQUIPMENT To fully understand what people think, you need to look inside their heads. EEG (electroencephalography) is the tool for doing that job; it gives immediate information into the role of the brain, by detecting the small amounts of electrical activity produced by the brain. EEG has been used by academics and neuro marketers along with […]

TFI tDCS Friday

If you’re wondering why we have crazy green fonts all over the place, you’re in good company.

EEG Primer – Part 3

Risks The EEG test is completely safe and painless. The patient does not feel any sort of discomfort and there are no risks associated with an EEG. Some EEG’s do not have any stimuli which may be useful in detecting abnormalities. Stimuli like flashing light may be added so that abnormalities become apparent. If the […]

EEG Primer – Part 2

How is the EEG data interpreted? As the electrical activity produced by the brain is examined by the EEG equipment, we can interpret which areas of the brain are processing which information at a specific time. Occipital lobe The occipital lobe makes sense of the visual information in order for us to understand it. It […]