Focus Dry Active EEG Electrodes Ready

Here’s a quick look at the final stages of the focus EEG Dry Active Electrode production. We clean the pad area of the active PCB inside the electrode. Then we attach the conductive silicone to the electrode. Finished! Ready to box and ship.

Focus EEG Dev Kit Ready

Here is a look at the EEG Dev Kit production process. First, we X-ray the EEG main PCB. The X-ray let’s us check the micro-via’s and PCB layers. The dot array shown is one of seven BGA components. The pitch from dot to dot is 0.65mm. Solder is applied to the PCBs using a […]

focus EEG Manufacturing Update

The first production run for EEG Dev Kit is now entering the third week. At times it has felt like a Sisyphean feat but Monday always brings new optimism and it feels like we are nearly finished. The active electrodes are custom cables with a 3.5mm 4 pin audio socket. Each cable is soldered to two […]