tDCS and EEG study on attention and vigilance

Link – A High-Definition tDCS and EEG study on attention and vigilance: Brain stimulation mitigates the executive but not the arousal vigilance decrement. Abstract Attention comprises a wide set of processes such as phasic alertness, orienting, executive control, and the executive (i.e., detecting infrequent targets) and arousal (i.e., sustaining a fast reaction) vigilance components. Importantly, […]

Neurophysiological Vigilance Characterisation

Link – Neurophysiological Vigilance Characterisation and Assessment: Laboratory and Realistic Validations Involving Professional Air Traffic Controllers. Brain Sci. 2020 Jan 15;10(1): Authors: Sebastiani M, Di Flumeri G, Aricò P, Sciaraffa N, Babiloni F, Borghini G Abstract Vigilance degradation usually causes significant performance decrement. It is also considered the major factor causing the out-of-the-loop phenomenon (OOTL) […]