Vagus nerve stimulation boosts the drive to work for rewards.

Link – Vagus nerve stimulation boosts the drive to work for rewards. Abstract Interoceptive feedback transmitted via the vagus nerve plays a vital role in motivation by tuning actions according to physiological needs. Whereas vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) reinforces actions in animals, motivational effects elicited by VNS in humans are still largely elusive. Here, we […]

α7nAchR mediates taVNS by enhancing axonal plasticity.

Link – α7nAchR mediates transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation-induced neuroprotection in a rat model of ischemic stroke by enhancing axonal plasticity. Abstract Axonal plasticity is important for neurofunctional recovery after stroke. This study aimed to explore the role of transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation (ta-VNS) on axonal plasticity and its underlying association with the α7 […]

Motor-activated auricular vagus nerve stimulation for neurorehabilitation.

Link – Design and validation of a closed-loop, motor-activated auricular vagus nerve stimulation (MAAVNS) system for neurorehabilitation. Abstract BACKGROUND: Studies have found that pairing vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) with motor activity accelerates cortical reorganization. This synchronous pairing may enhance motor recovery. OBJECTIVE: To develop and validate a motor-activated auricular vagus nerve stimulation (MAAVNS) system as […]

taVNS on gastric slow waves in Pigs

Link – The effects of low-and high-frequency non-invasive transcutaneous auricular vagal nerve stimulation (taVNS) on gastric slow waves evaluated using in vivo high-resolution mapping in porcine. Abstract BACKGROUNDS: Gastric motility is regulated by an electrophysiological activity called slow-wave and neuronal innervations by the vagus nerve. Transcutaneous auricular vagal nerve stimulation (taVNS) has been demonstrated to […]