Modulation of Conflict Processing by Theta-Range tACS

Link – Modulation of Conflict Processing by Theta-Range tACS over the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex. Neural Plast. 2019;2019:6747049 Authors: Lehr A, Henneberg N, Nigam T, Paulus W, Antal A Abstract Behavioral response conflict arises in the color-word Stroop task and triggers the cognitive control network. Midfrontal theta-band oscillations correlate with adaptive control mechanisms during and after […]

Neurocognitive Development fNIRS Study

Link – Neurocognitive development of flanker and Stroop interference control: A near-infrared spectroscopy study. Abstract The abilities to resolve flanker and Stroop interference, which are primarily mediated by the prefrontal cortex (PFC), have been shown to be dissociable at the individual difference level. However, the relationship between the neurocognitive development of these two aspects of […]

Frontal brain activity by fNIRS during emotional Stroop task

Link – Frontal brain activity in individuals at risk for schizophrenic psychosis and bipolar disorder during the emotional Stroop task – an fNIRS study. Abstract OBJECTIVES: The emotional Stroop effect is defined as increased reaction times to emotional stimuli compared to neutral ones. It has been often reported in the literature, on both behavioral and […]

Cerebral Oxygenation Reserve

Link – Cerebral Oxygenation Reserve: The Relationship Between Physical Activity Level and the Cognitive Load During a Stroop Task in Healthy Young Males. Abstract Introduction: Many studies have reported that regular physical activity is positively associated with cognitive performance and more selectively with executive functions. However, some studies reported that the association of physical activity […]

tRNS on the semantic Stroop effect

Link – Potential impact of bifrontal transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS) on the semantic Stroop effect and its resting-state EEG correlates. Abstract OBJECTIVE: The Stroop effect performance reflects cognitive resistance to interference. We aimed to investigate the effect of a single transcranial random noise stimulation session (tRNS) applied over the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) on […]

fNIRS Assessment during an Emotional Stroop Task

Link – fNIRS Assessment during an Emotional Stroop Task among Patients with Depression: Replication and Extension. Psychiatry Investig. 2019 Jan;16(1):80-86 Authors: Nishizawa Y, Kanazawa T, Kawabata Y, Matsubara T, Maruyama S, Kawano M, Kinoshita S, Koh J, Matsuo K, Yoneda H Abstract OBJECTIVE: Accumulated evidence collected via functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) has been reported with […]