Peak Alpha Is a Biomarker of Pain Sensitivity.

Link – Sensorimotor Peak Alpha Frequency Is a Reliable Biomarker of Prolonged Pain Sensitivity. Abstract Previous research has observed that the speed of alpha band oscillations (8-12 Hz range) recorded during resting electroencephalography is slowed in chronic pain patients. While this slowing may reflect pathological changes that occur during the chronification of pain, an alternative explanation […]

EEG “Signs” of Verbal Creative Task Fulfillment

Link – EEG “Signs” of Verbal Creative Task Fulfillment with and without Overcoming Self-Induced Stereotypes. Behav Sci (Basel). 2019 Dec 29;10(1): Authors: Shemyakina NV, Nagornova ZV Abstract The study aimed to reveal task-related differences in story creation with and without the mental effort of overcoming self-induced stereotypes. Eighteen right-handed subjects (19.3 ± 1.1 years old) […]