Semantic-hierarchical model classification of eeg

Link – Semantic-hierarchical model improves classification of spoken-word evoked electrocorticography. Abstract Classification of spoken word-evoked potentials is useful for both neuroscientific and clinical applications including brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). By evaluating whether adopting a biology-based structure improves a classifier’s accuracy, we can investigate the importance of such structure in human brain circuitry, and advance BCI performance. […]

Instructor-learner brain coupling with fNIRS

Link – Instructor-learner brain coupling discriminates between instructional approaches and predicts learning. Abstract The neural mechanisms that support naturalistic learning via effective pedagogical approaches remain elusive. Here we used functional near-infrared spectroscopy to measure brain activity from instructor-learner dyads simultaneously during dynamic conceptual learning. Results revealed that brain-to-brain coupling was correlated with learning outcomes, and, […]