Effects of tDCS on Arithmetic Performance

Link – Effects of Anodal tDCS on Arithmetic Performance and Electrophysiological Activity. Abstract Arithmetic abilities are among the most important school-taught skills and form the basis for higher mathematical competencies. At the same time, their acquisition and application can be challenging. Hence, there is broad interest in methods to improve arithmetic abilities. One promising method […]

tRNS and cognitive training

Link – Transcranial random noise stimulation and cognitive training to improve learning and cognition of the atypically developing brain: A pilot study. Sci Rep. 2017 07 05;7(1):4633 Authors: Looi CY, Lim J, Sella F, Lolliot S, Duta M, Avramenko AA, Cohen Kadosh R Abstract Learning disabilities that affect about 10% of human population are linked […]