Social exclusion influences conditioned fear acquisition

Link – Social exclusion influences conditioned fear acquisition and generalization: A mediating effect from the medial prefrontal cortex. Abstract Fear acquisition and generalization play key roles in promoting the survival of mammals and contribute to anxiety disorders. While previous research has provided much evidence for the repercussions of social exclusion on mental health, how social […]

Multiplexing Theta and Alpha in the Amygdala-Hippocampal Circuit

Link – Multiplexing of Theta and Alpha Rhythms in the Amygdala-Hippocampal Circuit Supports Pattern Separation of Emotional Information. Abstract How do we remember emotional events? While emotion often leads to vivid recollection, the precision of emotional memories can be degraded, especially when discriminating among overlapping experiences in memory (i.e., pattern separation). Communication between the amygdala […]

Cortical oxygenation during exposure therapy

Link – Cortical oxygenation during exposure therapy – in situ fNIRS measurements in arachnophobia. Abstract Exposure therapy is a well-studied and highly efficacious treatment for phobic disorders. Although the neurobiological model of fear is well underpinned by various studies, the mechanisms of exposure therapy are still under discussion. Partly, this is due to the fact […]

Visuocortical tuning to a threat-related feature

Link – Visuocortical tuning to a threat-related feature persists after extinction and consolidation of conditioned fear. Abstract Neurons in the visual cortex sharpen their orientation tuning as humans learn aversive contingencies. A stimulus orientation (CS+) that reliably predicts an aversive noise (unconditioned stimulus: US) is selectively enhanced in lower-tier visual cortex, while similar unpaired orientations […]

Machine & Deep Learning in Fear Detection

Link – An Investigation of Various Machine and Deep Learning Techniques Applied in Automatic Fear Level Detection and Acrophobia Virtual Therapy. Sensors (Basel). 2020 Jan 15;20(2): Authors: Bălan O, Moise G, Moldoveanu A, Leordeanu M, Moldoveanu F Abstract In this paper, we investigate various machine learning classifiers used in our Virtual Reality (VR) system for […]