Detecting fatigue in drivers and pilots

Link – Detecting fatigue in car drivers and aircraft pilots by using non-invasive measures: The value of differentiation of sleepiness and mental fatigue. JAbstract INTRODUCTION: Fatigue is one of the most crucial factors that contribute to a decrease of the operating performance of aircraft pilots and car drivers and, as such, plays a dangerous role […]

The performance of drivers at different levels of mental workload

Link – Tracing the physiological response and behavioral performance of drivers at different levels of mental workload using driving simulators. Abstract INTRODUCTION: The use of mobile phones while driving is known to be a distraction factor and a cause of accidents. The way in which different kinds of conversations affect the behavioral performance of the […]

Cognitive distraction during driving

Link – The effects of cognitive distraction on behavioural, oculomotor and electrophysiological metrics during a driving hazard perception task. Abstract Previous research has demonstrated that the distraction caused by holding a mobile telephone conversation is not limited to the period of the actual conversation (Haigney, 1995; Redelmeier & Tibshirani, 1997; Savage et al., 2013). In […]