Forums Down


It seem’s that the forums became supor popular in China. So popular that 52 Thousand topics were created overnight. Unfortunately these topics are spam. Nobody likes spam. With so many things fighting for attention, the forums may not come back.

Covid Update September


V3 is out of stock for now but the Go Flow covid sale continues. Since we cannot enter China to make our products, we have been building a robot to take our place. “2nd Wave” is almost ready. Full story to follow. Stay safe folks.

V3 Programs

nathan whitmore and his rats

Just a gentle reminder that Nathan Whitmore is a demonsterable liar and moderator of a rotten borough.

COVID-19 Update March 17th

shenzhen Lychee Park

There are going to be some product delays, stock outages and opportunities to save. The latest on the worldwide Corona situation at Towers.

Comment Removed By Moderator – DNR.

Please do not discuss products on Reddit. It is a rotten subreddit moderated by a liar. Latest example: “Comment removed by moderator” The r/tdcs moderator, Nathan Whitmore (ohsnapitsnathan) is dishonest so we assume this comment has been removed in bad faith. Did anyone see what this reply said before it was removed? Please email […]

FOC.US ARORA Launched!


Learn a little more about ARORA. What is it, what can it do and when can I try it? Answers to some of these questions and more….

Covid-19 Delays

ARORA : delayed. fNIRS : delayed. Thankfully nobody in the family supply chain is anything more than inconvenienced by the coronavirus. The time lost to manufacturing is being spent preparing the most requested feature of 2019 – Vagus stimulation. Timeline update when the border reopens and we can get back in.