A sleep neurology history.

Faradization for insomnia: a sleep neurology history.

None: Insomnia is highly prevalent and challenging to treat. We typically regard insomnia as a disorder of the modern world, but physicians and patients have been struggling with this malady for millennia. Here we present the curious historical practice of utilizing “electrization” or “faradization” to treat insomnia. We present methods of application, hypotheses regarding mechanism of action, and historical case reports and case series to better understand this phenomenon. We put faradization for insomnia in the context of the modern use of electrical therapies to support and facilitate human health in multiple different healthcare arenas. Lastly, we examine current efforts to utilize these antiquated concepts to address insomnia through transcranial direct current stimulation and cranial electrical stimulation.

PMID: 33124978 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

J Clin Sleep Med. 2020 Oct 30;:

Authors: Watson NF, McCall C, Doherty M




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