EEG classification across sessions and subjects through transfer learning

EEG classification across sessions and across subjects through transfer learning in motor imagery-based brain-machine interface system.

Transfer learning enables the adaption of models to handle mismatches of distributions across sessions or across subjects. In this paper, we proposed a new transfer learning algorithm to classify motor imagery EEG data. By analyzing the power spectrum of EEG data related to motor imagery, the shared features across sessions or across subjects, namely, the mean and variance of model parameters, are extracted. Then, select the data sets that were most relevant to the new data set according to Euclidean distance to update the shared features. Finally, utilize the shared features and subject/session-specific features jointly to generate a new model. We evaluated our algorithm by analyzing the motor imagery EEG data from 10 healthy participants and a public data set from BCI competition IV. The classification accuracy of the proposed transfer learning is higher than that of traditional machine learning algorithms. The results of the paired t test showed that the classification results of PSD and the transfer learning algorithm were significantly different (p = 2.0946e-9), and the classification results of CSP and the transfer learning algorithm were significantly different (p = 1.9122e-6). The test accuracy of data set 2a of BCI competition IV was 85.7% ± 5.4%, which was higher than that of related traditional machine learning algorithms. Preliminary results suggested that the proposed algorithm can be effectively applied to the classification of motor imagery EEG signals across sessions and across subjects and the performance is better than that of the traditional machine learning algorithms. It can be promising to be applied to the field of brain-computer interface (BCI). Graphical abstract.

PMID: 32394192 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Med Biol Eng Comput. 2020 May 11;:

Authors: Zheng M, Yang B, Xie Y




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