Lockdown: Foc.us April 10th Update

Remember, Your Mind is Never in Lockdown.
foc.us verve

“You’ve got to be crazy to stay sane.” I was recently reminded. In these crazy days, here’s a quick irrelevant update of how we’re staying sane at Foc.us towers.

China has closed her doors to people but left the window open for exports. So whilst we can’t be on  the ground to work on fNIRS or ARORA there is an opportunity to work on less difficult projects.

The 9v battery in Go Flow is probably the only non-custom part we have used. Everything else has been made to specification. And probably everything made to spec took at least three revisoins to get right.  But if we can use off the shelf or existing parts maybe we can create some magic.

And so I’m pleased to say that our transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulator (pictured above) has arrived and is undergoing testing now.

Good Friday. Aren’t they always?  Stay safe everybody.




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