tDCS facilitates verbal learning and memory consolidation

Multisession transcranial direct current stimulation facilitates verbal learning and memory consolidation in young and older adults.

This study investigated effects of multisession transcranial direct-current stimulation on learning and maintenance of novel memory content and scrutinised effects of baseline cognitive status and the role of multi-session tDCS on overnight memory consolidation. In a prospective, randomized, double-blind, parallel-group, sham-tDCS controlled design, 101 healthy young and older adults completed a five-day verbal associative learning paradigm while receiving multisession tDCS to the task-relevant left prefrontal cortex. In older adults, active multisession tDCS enhanced recall performance after each daily training session. Effects were maintained the next morning and during follow-up assessments (one week; three months). In young adults, multisession tDCS significantly increased long-term recall. Unlike previous findings in the motor domain, beneficial effects of multisession tDCS on cognitive learning and memory were notexclusively due to enhanced memory consolidation. Positive stimulation effects were primarily found in participants with lower baseline learning ability, suggesting that multisession tDCS may counteract memory impairment in health and disease.

PMID: 32199339 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

Brain Lang. 2020 Mar 18;205:104788

Authors: Perceval G, Martin AK, Copland DA, Laine M, Meinzer M




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