COVID-19 Update March 17th

There are going to be some product delays, stock outages and opportunities to save. The latest on the worldwide Corona situation at Towers.
shenzhen Lychee Park

It’s no understatement to say that everyone is being impacted by Covid-19 one way or another. We wanted to share what that means right now at

All Focus products contain at least some parts that are manufactured in China. Most of our products are made “just-in-time” as part of regular batch manufacturing. New products are developed iteratively with our factory partners. So this means we have staff in and out of China a lot.

China has been able to reduce their new infection cases to almost zero. To try and maintain that number all visitors to China are now held in a government quarantine facility for 14 days. This makes new trips to China somewhat unfeasable. So there are some unfortunate short-term consequences.

  • ARORA and fNIRS manufacturing is on hold
  • V3 stock will probably run out

It is just not posssible for these products to be progressed without team members in China. We have a limited amount of V3 in stock but cannot make more as planned so the current stock will run out. ARORA tooling cannot start because it’s not practical to conduct tool trials remotely. fNIRS PCBA requires an engineer onsite for flashing and QA so is blocked. S

The situation is pretty fluid and we are monitoring closely. Should the travel regulations change we will look to resume China operations asap. In the manufacturing downtime we will continue to work on the Vagus Nerve Stimulation, the fNIRS data processing algorithms and our website. All whilst self-isolating. It could be worse.

With so much bad news we wanted to offer some better news.

This remaining Dev Kit stock has been upgraded with the new crown electrodes. They are a lot easier to setup with the EEG cap and give great signal. There are only a few available and at a big big discount.

Keep the hope, everyone.




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