FOC.US ARORA Launched!

Learn a little more about ARORA. What is it, what can it do and when can I try it? Answers to some of these questions and more....

ARORA is the name of new modular EEG system. Evolved from the 2018 Dev Kit with new electrodes, new cables, hew hats and new plastics – there’s a lot to explain. We’ve created a bunch of new words too, please read on.

ARORA – is the brains for the brains. This device contains 90% of the electronics including the analogue front end, the wifi and the storage.

Plaxons – plastic + axons = plaxons. These cary the EEG signal from the electrodes to the ARORA. Plaxons determine the montage and the total number of channels.

Capacicap – Capacitor + cap = Capacicap. We love portmanteaus at The outter layer of this cap is made from woven metal thread. This allows us to put an active charge on it, from the amp ground line. This behaves like a Farraday cage for your head to block out external electrical noise.

Crown electrodes – conductive silicone for comfort with a flexible silver chloride coating for signal.

Whilst each will be avaialble individually initially we will sell a bundle – ARORA Explorers Kit with every required to get started.

A modular system is designed so that components can be replaced and functionality extended. If you have a custom required for 40 channels – we can make a plaxon with the exact montage. The battery is in the plaxon, so if you need 3 days ambulatory 16 channel – we can make that too.

There is a lot more to write, but we also have to finalize manufacturing plans. Join the mailing list to stary informed.




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