Covid-19 Delays

ARORA : delayed.

fNIRS : delayed.

Thankfully nobody in the family supply chain is anything more than inconvenienced by the coronavirus.

The time lost to manufacturing is being spent preparing the most requested feature of 2019 – Vagus stimulation.

Timeline update when the border reopens and we can get back in.





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  1. Dude!! You’re developing Vagus nerve stimulation! That’s very exciting.

    I had a a vague nerve implant I used to treat my tinnitus with moderate success. At the time I had 45DB I’d volume in each ear. That went down to 35DB after a few months of vagus nerve stimulation.

    After that it plateaued and I stopped improving. But I would love to try it again if it could be done without surgery.

    Tinnitus is an unmet medical need of many. With up to 2 million people in the US so incapacitated by it that they are unable to work. It’s also the number 1 service disability for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The US government spends billions of dollars a year on soldiers who can’t function because of this disorder.

    You once said that Tinnitus is a medical condition, so focus would never go there. But you post montages on your site for depression and restless leg syndrome. What are those if not medical conditions?

    If you could help Tinnitus sufferers in some way with this unmet medical need you would be doing the world big favor! May even get some government funding if you could help soldiers who have this condition. I hope you’ll consider this.

  2. Thanks Tim.

    We had a few enquiries about Vagus stimulation so it’s been on the white board for a while. This would be auricular transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation (atVNS) – via the ear. The waveforms requested – square biphasic pulses are not far from existing stimulation modes.

    It would not be for medical usage or comparable to implantaed VNS systems. We don’t have any posted montages for anything medical on our site. This would be for researchers who want to investigate what atVNS can achieve.

    Because the changes are quite smalll, and we have the parts we need – we should be able to make a small batch of these new devices during the travel lockdown. So we thought Let’s try!

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