3rd eye activation using electrical brain stimulation

Why we add features to V3..

Pineal gland stimulation was added to V3 in response to requests from v2 users for specific stimulation frequencies. tACS in V2 could only reach ~400Hz and the request was for 936Hz so we had to make some tweaks. But it seemed interesting so we did it.

You need to place the electrodes to try and make a path through the pineal gland but since there is no paper on this area you’re going to have to suck it and see!

Many studies stimulate below the surface and so do some commercial products e.g. Modius Health. Try some tACS through your hypothalamus and you can easily confirm it.

3rd eye activation using electrical brain stimulation? from tDCS

Every foc.us product works.

tDCS was shown to improve working memory and so we marketed that as a benefit to Gamers in our first product before consumer tDCS was a thing. Rippled current is our name for alpha-tACS if you want to check the studies. 3rd eye was added because customers asked for that frequency to try and stimulate the pineal gland but we don’t know the results yet.

Theranos raised $700m from investors and made a vapourware product. Foc.us raised $0m from investors and have developed and retailed real physical products. In our 5 year history that includes Gamer, V2, Go Flow, EEG Dev Kit, V3 and now Go Flow 4. Each years new device improves and pushes what is possible for diy stimulation. We welcome being looked into and we stand behind all our products.

Although I guess our fNIRS sensor is a little Theranosy 🙂




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