EEG Primer – Part 4

EEQ eqipment comes at many price points.


To fully understand what people think, you need to look inside their heads. EEG (electroencephalography) is the tool for doing that job; it gives immediate information into the role of the brain, by detecting the small amounts of electrical activity produced by the brain.

EEG has been used by academics and neuro marketers along with other researchers for a very long time.

The opportunities it provides are matchless – no other piece of hardware is able to track the function of the brain so quickly, and with such flexibility, as EEG

EEG equipment has been used over 100 years of history. Today, there is high demand of superior high quality EEG devices. Many companies are trying to cater to this high demand and specific needs of each EEG user. There is a unique value proposition with every device including price! The advanced devices have a high pricing range. While on the low range are devices that take longer to analyze and examine the data. Below are a few EEG devices with specific qualities and price ranges along so that you can find one perfect to your needs.

Low price range EEG equipment ($100- $1000)

The lower the price the lower will be the amount of electrodes. The EEG devices of MUSE and NEUROSKY offer improved sleep and meditation. The device Emotiv, offers 5 and 15 electrodes and enhance understanding of the patients mental state. These devices are also wireless, and allow the respondent to move.

Middle price range( $1000-$24000)

As the price increases so does the number of electrodes. All of these devices are used for research purposes, the nature of your work will determine which is device is suitable for you. Many companies like ABM, Neuro, Wearable sensing etc offer wireless devices, which allows the recording to occur while the person moves, also increased mobility means increased comfort. These devices also allow the data to be collected at a lesser time span.

There are a broad variety of choices at this price range, with up to 64 channels presented, fixed units, flexible systems, and head caps.

The amount of information necessary, flexibility, and comfort of the patient are all elements that can be answered by these headsets, but your needs will determine which device to choose.

HIGH PRICE RANGE ($25000 and above)

A huge variety of devices can be found around this price range, with electrodes ranging from 32-256 channels. The more the electrodes the higher the quality of brain signals. These devices allow an extremely high resolution when detecting brain activity.

ANT Neuro provides wireless devices with up to 64 channels, and can work without conductive gel up to 256 electrodes. At such a high density, the electrode number can be divided, which will allow up to four mobile systems with 256 channels.  The purpose of your research may or may not require such equipment.

If you aren’t sure of which one to get, it is always advised to speak with colleagues in the field, or other experts, or the manufacturers themselves so that you get the full picture about what exactly their systems offer.




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