7th March foc.us update

Whats been happening at foc.us towers since our last update? Find out here.

tldr: foc.us/me annoying login bug fixed, v2 on way, v3 nearly ready, EEG in stock.

foc.us is a “vertically integrated” company. What that means is we do everything ourselves. What that means is we are responsible for all the problems.

Typically startups will outsource as much work as possible. So front-end stuff like logistics and e-commerce are handled by 3rd parties. During product development they will use wi-fi and bluetooth modules to save on certification and development time. Not to mention documentation, advertising and all the other thousand things required.

But not at foc.us.

That’s not to say we haven’t tried, we have. We just found that there are lots of problems when starting a business like this. And we found that the best way to get problems fixed was to own them. To take charge, if you will.

I mention this because we’ve had a few website/shipping/app/firmware/supply-chain problems recently. But one by one they are almost resolved.

It’s difficult to say what “normal service” is, but it will be resumed shortly 🙂

P.S. What do you think about the sports caps in black?




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