Our $50k Mistake – EEG DK2 Update Dec 7th

Foc.us Rule #1 - No repeat mistakes. Here's our latest last mistake...

First the good news – tDCS functionality is now available in foc.us/me and the 2nd production run of foc.us EEG Dev Kit resumes next week including a new EEG electrode design.

The bad news (for us) is that our original EEG electrode design had a small design fault.

When we were testing tDCS we discovered that during stimulation the EEG electrodes behave as cathodes unless they were physically disconnected from the device. Obviously the point of a closed-loop stimulator is to measure, stimulate and measure again. Whilst technically you can do that by disconnecting the EEG electrodes during stimulation, it’s not really a great user experience.

So as soon as we discovered this we paused production to find a solution. This is why they did not ship in November and why we have been super busy working on a better solution.

The good news is that we have now developed and tested a new electrode design. The new electrodes are orange, to distinguish them from the old. They do not need to be disconnected during stimulation and they have the same low noise specifications as the first design. They are significantly more expensive to make.

Production will resume next week and we will confirm if they can ship before Christmas.

The 3rd batch will be available in two versions – EEG only, EEG+ with stimulation.

It is another expensive “learning experience” at foc.us. Not as costly as the v1 Bluetooth problem, or the Shipwire nightmare, but the team Christmas party in the Bahamas is cancelled.

team focus

P.S. Order a foc.us EEG Dev Kit, so we can at least have a party in the office 😉




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