3rd November EEG Dev Kit Update

Here is a list of Dev Kit improvements from the latest firmware update

Login to foc.us/me to try the above.

Here is the full release note for 0.7.4

– added: AFE full control via AWS IoT

– added: tDCS

– added: local settings file

– added: feature to update bootloader

– added: dk.online AWS IoT flag including MQTT LWT message to set dk.online to false

– added: dk.mqtt.url attribute to AWS IoT

– added: Wi-Fi security failure indication (3 red blinks)

– added: switching OFF the 5V power supply when AFE is OFF

– modified: triple click timeout changed 1000 ms -> 500 ms

– modified: watchdog timer improved

– fixed: get_latest.txt URL was fixed (hardcoded)

– fixed: WiFi flashing (via jig) is not possible if WiFi file system was damaged

– fixed: RGB LED driver may output not exact color

– fixed: sometimes hangs at switching OFF

– fixed: sporadic device hangs

– fixed: battery reading (device doesn’t read battery if the button is pressed)

– fixed: risk of missing AWS IoT delta messages


– fixed: device can hung in bootloader in rare cases during updating BLE firmware




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