EEG Dev Kit September 5th Update

Its a cliche, but hardware is hard.

tldr; EEG Dev Kit orders will ship this week.

People say “hardware is hard” and they are right. But software is much, much harder.

When we made our March estimate for EEG Dev Kit shipments, we were confident we would hit it or not slip by much. We had completed design for manufacturing (DfM) and t1 parts off moulded tools. We had schematics and PCBs. We had a working prototype that did the basics. It was our fourth product and the team had the scars from the first three.

But we didn’t have the software finished. And we understimated how hard completing that task would be.

Probably we added too many features.

Did we really need WiFi AND bluetooth 5? Could we have lived without fNIRS? Will anyone really combine 5 devices to use 40 channels?

Maybe, but then it wouldn’t be as good a device. And at we try to make the best possible devices.

So I’m sorry for the delay but I’m pleased to say that it is ready and will ship in the next few days.

As previously posted we have cut some functionality to get the product shipped. Your device will automatically update about once a fortnight as we release the missing features.

EXG, tES, Mic, IPU, 16k, fNIRS, 40x,- not ready.

Firmware 0.5.0 ready. Bootloader 1.0.0 ready. BLE 0.1.0 ready.Fuel Guage 0.1.0 ready. WiFi 1.0.0 ready. qFlash 1.0.0 ready. FFT 1.0.0 ready. eeg-ai 0.1.0 ready.




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