EEG Update – 16th June


Hardware < Firmware < Software

Anyone who has updated the firmware on their v2 will probably agree that it was not a fun process. Part of the problem is that bluetooth low energy has very small data transfer rates and a 300k firmware means a lot of 251byte packets. Drop any one and the process is dead.

So we wanted to make sure firmware updating for EEG DK was butter smooth and simple. It should be over-the-air and pain-free.

Frustratingly it is not yet and that is the cause of the delay. The devices are all sat here waiting to ship, but we don’t want to give you something that is hard to update.

I am very sorry for the continued delay but it won’t be much longer now. As soon as they can update themselves they will be shipped. We will also share some good news about some free stuff we will offer.




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