Focus EEG Dev Kit Ready

Hardware Complete

Here is a look at the EEG Dev Kit production process.

First, we X-ray the EEG main PCB.

The X-ray let’s us check the micro-via’s and PCB layers. The dot array shown is one of seven BGA components. The pitch from dot to dot is 0.65mm.

Solder is applied to the PCBs using a stencil.

The components are then loaded onto the PCBA pick and place machine.

The pick and place machine is essential when using 0201 components that are just 0.125mm wide.

A close-up of the PCB inside the pick and place machine. The white “X” pcb’s are NG (No Good) and failed probe testing. The machine is set to ignore NG PCBs.

Once all of the components are placed onto each of the PCBs on the panel the PCB moves into the oven, and we wait. Patiently.

Until the cooking is finished and they appear, oven fresh!

Then its back in the X-ray machine to check component alignments.

Each panel is then broken up into individual PCBs. Each PCB is then flashed and tested. We have no photographs of these stages because they were performed by the photographer.

The main PCB is then inserted in the plastic case and connected to the sockets PCB ready for final testing.

Final testing ensures that the device is functional and ready to ship. We have fully tested each and every EEG and they are now ready to ship. Monday and Tuesday is a holiday in China so they will ship to London on Wednesday.

DHL tracking numbers will be created on Friday and all EEG orders will be shipped as fast as we can physically manage.




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