Adding fNIRS support to EEG Dev Kit

fNIRS to another dimension

It’s no secret that we love developing stuff here at focus. We started 2016 with Go Flow and ended 2016 with EEG Dev Kit.

But there was a third “middle-child” product too.

Tentatively named “BrainCAM” it was a wireless fNIRS device.

Around October we had to pay for our CES booth and decide which product to take. In the end we decided to take EEG as Plan A, and Go Flow Sports as Plan B. This meant BrainCAM was put on ice.

Eugene & Mike at CES 2017 with Plan B and Plan A on display.

CES is a great opportunity to meet potential customers and learn about requirements. It’s also a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas and possibilities.

So over the lunchtime lulls and evening beers we figured out a possible way to shoehorn the fNIRS functionality into the EEG Dev Kit. We waited to announce this addition as it needed a little more thorough investigation to confirm feasibility.

The team did an incredible job pulling the various BrainCAM pieces apart and find a way to make them work with the EEG kit. EEG fNIRS Sensor showing top and bottom sides.

This sensor has a single dual-wavelength emitter and two receivers. The picture doesn’t show just how small it is, but its only around two inches in length!

With this sensor it is possible to measure EEG and fNIRS whilst simultaneously electrically stimulating you brain.

The fNIRS functionality is built into EEG Dev Kit and the sensor should start shipping in April.

Available here.




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