ohsnapitsnathan vs focus reddit.com/r/tdcs

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Don't trust Nathan Whitmore (ohsnapitsnathan)

Some people ask why focus never engage on reddit.


Here is the answer:

ohsnapitsnathan (the moderator) slanders us:

We try to let most things go, but this seems deliberately annoying so we reply:

What happens next reminds us why we shouldn’t bother.

ohsnapitsnathan replies, to which we counter. But I can’t show you that.

Why? Because onshapitsnathan can delete and hide whatever he wants. So this is what we now see:

But this is what you will see:

gi67 has posted a paper showing that ohsnapitsnathans understanding of tDCS and tACS is out of date (being kind) and yet he wants to call a type of tACS (which is clearly shown he does not understand) “fake technology” and  a “scam”? I wonder when gi67 reply will be deleted for making him look like a chump.

For the record, tRCS is not a fake technology. It is an evolution of tACS where the frequency of the alternating current changes as a function of time.

We know not to expect fair coverage on this subreddit but slander feels a step to far.  What would you do if you were us?